The attention and detail we put into our landscape designs is only second to the attention and care we put into planting your landscape environment.

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a garden that flourishes and endures. We begin every landscape by preparing the soil and adding appropriate soil amendments. Threadleaf follows a strict 'green' program by ensuring the soils nutrient and macrobial fuctions are stregthened by adding organic material - never using artificial fertilizers. Ensuring plant material has a natural source of nutrients will help ensure their success and longevity.

We only plant trees, perennials, shrubs and other horticultural elements suitable for the specific environmental and weather conditions of your property. Only the highest quality Ontario grown plant material is chosen from our wide network of local growers. Each and every specimen is sourced personally to ensure proper growth habits, structure and a healthy root system.

Colour, form and texture are very important factors that must be taken into consideration when selecting the type of plant material to incorporate into your garden. It is also very important to have an assortment of plants that have staggered bloom times throughout the growing season.

The short gardening season in Toronto can easily be extended by incorporating evergreens, plants that change colour in the fall, grow berries and have interesting branch structure.

We strive to use rare, unusual and mature nursery product that change throughout the seasons. The result is a unique looking landscape that can be enjoyed as much on completion as it will throughout the seasons and for years to come.