Threadleaf Inc. is proud to offer a full range of additional service lines to enhance, support or maintain your property. Whether on an ala carte or package basis, we can meet your needs promptly & cost-effectively.


Arborist - services from annual tree pruning/dead-wooding, removal of diseased trees, hedge trimming, tree surveying or professional cabling of heavy braches to extend the life of a specimen tree.

Lighting - landscape lighting design & installation for decks, stairs, walkways, pools, specimen trees and general landscapes

Irrigation - all matter of computerized systems including sustainable watering methods such as drip irrigation

Custom Carpentry - whether it's the building of a pergola, gazebo, tea-room, shed or simply repairing an existing fence or installing a privacy fence

Retaining Walls - either installation or repair to brick, stone or wood structures

Green Roofs / Living Walls - can be installed in any number of places including sheds, carports, balconies or used to enhance otherwise deteriorating structures

Maintenance - as lawns and gardens evolve their maintenance requirements change. Whether it's spring opening, fall closing or a weekly visit to ensure proper growth, prune and mulch - having a professional's touch will only help to ensure success

Seasonal Planting - the planting of annuals in the spring, crysanthemums and other fall blooming flowers, or installing winter evergreens in pots

Drainage - management of general soil drainage, installation of weeping tile, french drains, sump-pump dispersal, rain harvesting, etc.

Soil Amendment - all soil needs a refreshing dose of organic material to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and macrobial function. Offerings include natural products such as peat, compost, manure.

Mulching - we don't believe in using manufactured mulches due to their harmful chemical content. We create our own 100% natural leaf mulch which provides organic material for the soil while helping retain water and hinder the growth of weeds.

Artificial Turf - professional team can install artificial turf in extremely shady areas, for use as a putting green or on rooftop decks.

Sports Surfaces - durable rubberized flooring can be installed for the family playground or sports court